Immerse yourself in the experience of complete escape! Harmonising and enlightening any weight from daily life and stresses, Kanoa guide you to soar! Enhance and improve your wellbeing with direction on continuation!




Max & Pamela

P&M 11

We are both holistic & health practitioners, focusing on the complete self, not only physical aspects.

Pamela has been an holistic specialist since 2003. Practicing and teaching massage therapies of Aromatherapy, Swedish and Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. I have formed my own philosophy of an integrated stepping stone process, improving your HEALTH, HAPPINESS & PRODUCTIVITY. Also a practicing yogi in Tai Chi Yogalates and Hatha Yoga for many years for vitality and fun. I embrace holism and adapt traditional therapies for a transformative & integrative health approach

I chose to embark on this journey to improve the wellbeing of individuals. guiding them to their inner self and enhance their vitality.

I provide HEALTH & WELLNESS Coaching; RAW VEGAN WORKSHOPS and advice; HEALING THERAPIES & LIFE GUIDANCE all with love and joy.


Max has been studying esoteric science and philosophy and practiced holistic systems such as traditional yoga, hermetism and Reiki, in order to develop on all aspects and help other souls in this plane of existence. He is a Reiki Master in Traditional Usui Reiki system and in the recent Money Reiki one.

Practicing Reiki often for many years, combined with esoteric knowledge and training, you will definitely have a wonderful and relaxing healing session on all levels: PHYSICAL, ENERGETICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL. Additionally you can have a financial improving session, which will ensure that your energy and mind will be attuned to a much more productive frequency and additional energies will work for your success.





Isabel started practicing Yoga in 2006 and she has been studying Iyengar Method since 2010. She was trained in Dynamic Yoga Method by José Luis Cabezas (Godfrey Devereux is the creator of this method) and in Hatha Yoga by Gleb Loginov (Tao Center, 2010).

Isabel started teaching Yoga in Yogasala in the year 2010 in three groups and two public schools: C.P. Garcia Lorca and C.P. Clara Campoamor, two seasons in each.

She lived in England for three years and returned to Spain in 2002. During that time she got a CAE (advanced certificate in English) and she never stopped practicing English and she can teach very well in both English and Spanish.

She is also a skilled and certified vipassana meditator (S.N. Goenka) and Ayurvedic therapist.




Debbie is a Yoga teacher who teaches from the Raja Yoga perspective and studied Raja yoga to the advanced level (500 hours) with the Sivananda school and also recently a whole other set of philosophies ( Sankya and Shaman meditations and rituals for the Heros journey of consciousness & Chakra work) with Soma Yoga. She has been teaching Meditation classes separately from the hatha yoga classes where she introduced the Royal path of the mind and took students through meditation techniques. She also teaches yoga and meditation for Bristol City Council employees so they can witness new states of consciousness, still the mind and lessen stress. With the help of her studies and over 20 years of yoga teaching experience, she is going to improve your physical, mental and spiritual constitutions.


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